From: Huffington Post Date: 03/28/16

Marriage Equality Is the Law, but Assaults on LGBT Parenting (and Much More) Continue

From: CNN Dated: 10/30/15

LGBT Rights Milestones Fast Facts @CNN
Read CNN's Fast Facts on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender milestones in the United States, and learn more about their struggle for equal rights. 

From: USA TODAY: Dated: 03/07/16
Supreme Court reverses Alabama court that denied lesbian woman's adoption
State courts cannot refuse to recognize same-sex adoptions granted by other states

From: Huffington Post Date: 05/10/13

What I Know About Motherhood Now That I Am an Adoptive Mother

From: Identities Mic Dated: 04/27/15

Meet the 2-Year-Old at the Heart of the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Arguments 

From: Huffington Post Date: 03/15/2016

Beautiful Video Shows Adoptive Family Uniting After A 3-Year Wait

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