Clifford Greenberg frequently lectures at twenty foster care agencies, as well as statewide adoption meetings and conferences, which includes the Administration for Children's Service Circle of Support gatherings, where he advises potential adoptive parents about the legal process. He is the author of four books, Freedom for us allLiving the Dream with Mommy and MamaMy Grandma is My New Mommy, and I see You, I see Me. Cliff has been consistently recognized for his devotion, most recently by the Families Forever Adoption Group, the New York State Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, and the Forestdale Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Executive Board. He is the resident legal expert of the monthly Family Law Clinic at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &Transgender Community Center in Greenwich Village.Over the years, Cliff has been awarded with several distinctions.He is the recipient of the 

Senator Mary Landrieu (left) and Congressman Jerrold Nadler (right), presenting Cliff the 2011 "Angels in Adoption" Award at the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

 2007 Forestdale, Inc. Adoptive Parent Associaton Recognition Award. On December 23, 2009, he earned a Certificate of Appreciation from Families Forever Adoption Group. Cliff also recieved a Service Award from the NYSFoster and Adoptive Parents Associaiton on July 17, 2010. His work was recognized by the U.S. Congress in 2011 with a designation as an Angel in Adoption. The Angels in Adoption Program is the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's ( signature public awareness program and provides an opportunity for all members of Congress to honor the work of their constituents who have made a lasting contribution to the world of adoption.

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