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In 1993, Greenberg Adoption: The Law Offices of Clifford L. Greenberg was established to help individuals and couples adopt children into loving families. Since then, we have helped more than 4,000 New York families become enriched and whole through the adoption process.

Guiding Thousands of NYC Families Through the Adoption Process

Our founding attorney Clifford Greenberg is committed to helping clients adopt the children they love. In fact, he has devoted his entire legal career working with children and families. After law school, he worked for the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan and helped place foster children into loving, permanent homes. He also has extensive experience providing counsel to numerous agencies and adoptive parents. Mr. Greenberg's passion to guide families through the adoption process remains the backbone of our law firm.

Are you thinking about expanding your family through an adoption? Our New York City adoption lawyers are committed to working with prospective parents and birth mothers looking to find loving homes for children. Contact our NYC law firm for a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you navigate through this exciting journey.

Providing a Wide Range of Adoption Services to Help Clients Form Families

The adoption process can be overwhelming no matter what circumstances you are facing. Our adoptions attorneys have an intricate understanding of the legal parameters involved. We want to make this time as joyful as possible for you by eliminating any unnecessary roadblocks. We are committed to helping you focus on the expansion of your family, instead of worrying about the details involved. Our legal team offers a variety of adoption services to guide you through this exciting time, including:

Writing Children's Books to Celebrate the Joy of Adoptions

At Greenberg Adoption, we believe that a couple's right to form a family through an adoption should not be inhibited by their sexual preference. Family law attorney Clifford Greenberg is also a published children's book author who uses his legal and writing skills to support his clients' civil rights. He recently wrote Living the Dream with Mommy and Mama, a book celebrating the loving relationship between a same-sex couple and their daughter and Freedom For Us All, a story about the battle for same-sex marriage.

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Many steps must be taken before prospective parents can adopt the children they love. At Greenberg Adoption, we understand that this time of uncertainty can quickly become overwhelming. We are committed to helping you navigate through the adoption process as smoothly as possible. Contact our Manhattan adoption attorneys for a consultation. Your first appointment will be on us so there is no risk to reach out and contact our family law firm.